3BHK Single-Storey Beautiful House at 1150 Sq Ft

This single floor home is spread across a neighborhood of 1150 square feet. Grey colored wall tiles help to urge more attraction. This makes your first impression last longer with these beautiful and appealing facades. an honest amount of garden space ahead of the house is going to be an honest advantage. This compact ground floor house has another wing that separates itself from the family entertainment space to their private habitable space, which has three bedrooms.

This modern home would be a perfect choice for a brand spanking new couple or a little family. The cuboid-shaped pillars and walls show no trace of curves, making this house more modern. The sit out and car porch that leads into the interiors have a country finish. White paint is employed altogether in the remaining sections of the house. If the world is taken into account, the interiors aren’t very spacious. A drawing cum area, kitchen, work area, and three bedrooms add up only 1150 square feet.

However, what makes the house special is the optimum utilization of space. The spaces within the interiors are interconnected which makes them look vast and spacious. The board which may accommodate 6 people doesn’t take mu much space. The walls are painted with lighter shades. The stairway begins from the dining space and therefore the wash area is arranged beneath the stair. The living cum area is more spacious.

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