Fabulous 3BHK single story home built for 15 Lakh

Today we have come up with a Fabulous single-story home for 15 Lakh. It is a budget home for 15 lakh with 3 bedrooms. The mentioned price is only for construction. Interior and furniture prices are not included. This home is located at Tirur, Kerala. This house has an area of 1200 Sq ft. The traditional and contemporary style has combined in this house.

If you’re trying to find a stylish home, you right here let’s have a glance at this contemporary Kerala house at a neighborhood of 1200 square feet. The colonial and modern architectural styles are elegantly combined within the elevation of this house. Clay roof tiles are paved on the sloped roof and two dormer windows are installed here to feature a designer element. this is often not only enhances the fashionable look of the house but also helps to scale back the warmth inside.

The front elevation of this home is more attractive and delightful. the planning is extremely streamlined with straight clear lines in elevation which provides it a really modern and understated look and feel. The railing of the stair room is extremely simple with plain metal stripes. A variety of pillars are seen throughout the house supporting and beautifying the whole structure.

This residence is meant by Homes Online. the value of constructing this home is approximately 15 lacks without interior. consistent with the plan, the house will accommodate 3 baths attached bedrooms, alongside other luxurious like sitting out, living cum area, pantry kitchen, and stair room. From the most entrance of the house, one reached the large living which overlooks to the open dining space. A TV unit is about here and therefore space are often used as a prayer area also.

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