The Beautiful House of Film Actress SShamna Kasim

This is a well-thought-out elevation and plan of a beautiful Kerala house. Contemporary style has been given to the elevation with stone cladding. The interior of the house has a living area, dining area, kitchen, and 4 bedrooms. The front door opens to a large hall and the living and dining areas are arranged on its side. The bedrooms display a luxurious appearance. Gypsum ceiling and warm tone lighting are set up in most of the rooms.

There is one car porch in front of the house. The house also has a home theater, upper living area, balcony, common bathroom on each floor, and a storeroom near the kitchen. There are 2 bedrooms with an attached bathroom, living space, and a balcony on the first floor. This double floor contemporary home plan designed to be built under 4000 square feet and owner of actress Shamna Kasim.

The entire front window adorns all the rooms, providing the residents with a bright ambiance and a beautiful view. This design is curated with current trends that will never fade, and never make you bore. In the meantime, the simple glass railings of the balcony come as a surprise in a house like this. However, it could be an effort of the architect to prevent the house from being over-decorated. A beautiful facade is the depiction of the architect’s creative vision and desire to impress others with an out of the ordinary appearance.

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